The Club’s Organization

The Annual General Meeting is where the members decide how they want the club run.

The Board – runs the business of the club according to their wishes.  The Board is made up of a President, Vice – President, Secretary, Treasurer, Digital Administrator and FAWCO Rep.

Committees – used to organize particular events or achieve particular objectives as the need arises.



We are one of 56 members of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas in 28 countries.  Our member have access to all the seminars, webinars, projects, and communications they offer. 

The Board

Club President: Vicki Gabathuler

As the president of the American Women’s Club, my goal is not only to celebrate our common American heritage, but also to introduce our members to the culture they live in, and encourage them not to live the suitcase, ex-pat life, but to dig in, plant some roots and “bloom where they are planted.”

Vice President: Susan Rinderer

Secretary: Kate Wagner

Treasurer: Tonya Busch

FAWCO Rep: Kim Kühni

Digital Admin: Sara Crawford


Committee Chairwomen

Hospitality: Susan Rinderer

Club Documents

All members and potential members should read and be familiar with the contents of the club documents. Acknowledgment of these documents and agreeing to abide by them is a requirement for membership.

Club By-Laws

Short description of the purpose of the By-laws (a.k.a. Statuten) and a link that will open a PDF of the latest copy.



Agreed to at the 2022 AGM, the Code-Of-Conduct provides guidelines for the Club’s Membership.


Terms & Conditions

Agreed to at the 2022 AGM, the Terms & Conditions provides additional guidelines for the Club’s Membership  not otherwise described in the By-Laws or Code-of-Conduct.