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We may not have a club house, but we do have each other and that Is where we meet for pot-lucks, brunches, swim parties, game and movie nights. We fire up the grill on the 4th, savor Turkeys and stuffing with all the fixings at our favorite local restaurant for Thanksgiving and get crazy at our White Elephant, sometimes known as naughty Santa – even the Swiss Samichlaus knows some of our secrets.

We are not only play and no work, we take part in the multi-cultural festival “Grenzenlos” for local charity as well as supporting the FAWCO charitable target project.

Under the motto “live like the locals”, we have baked Biberli in Appenzell, created chocolate masterpieces, visited the Bad Ragartz, and the Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum, We have played Ciao Sepp and baked Zopf, celebrated Waldweihnacht, hiked and sledded in the many mountain resorts in our area – “living like the locals”. 

Experience it firsthand and attend our next event.

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Social Events

While all of the AWC-FL events are social events, the club ensures that we offer Social Events at least once a month that are geared towards being as all-inclusive to our members as possible and in relaxing environments so we can develop and support relationships between members. Below is a list of our upcoming Social Events.

Scheduled For Social Activity General Location
April (Late) Falling Class Balzers, FL
May (Middle) Coffee & Conversation Vaduz, FL
June (Middle) Finger-Food Potluck Hinterforst, CH
July (Early) 4th of July Picnic Sevelen, CH
August (Middle) Ice Cream Social Balzers, FL
September - -
October (Late) Finger-Food Potluck Schaan, FL
November (Late) Thanksgiving Dinner Buchs, CH
December (Middle) White Elephant Holiday Celebration TBD

Interest Groups

Our region has so much to offer that our activities and events are grouped into Interest Groups that our members can sign up for. Below is a list of our Interest Groups with examples of the type of activities in each.


4th of July – Halloween – Thanksgiving – Christmas


Festivals – Concerts – Museums – Reading – Movies – Theater


Brunch – Coffee – Pot-Lucks – BBQs – Lunch – Happy-Hour – Dinner – Cooking – Baking

General Sports

Tennis – Soccer – Martial Arts – Yoga – Shooting

Winter Sports

Downhill Skiing – Cross-Country Skiing – Sledding – Snowshoeing – Ice Skating

Summer Sports

Swimming – Beach/Pool – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding – Kayaking – Volleyball – Rock Climbing


Mountain Trails – Open Paths – Steep Grades – Nordic Walking


Photography – Art – Crafting – Music Performance – Gardening – Decorating


Kid Projects – Waterparks – Social Activities w/ Child Play areas – Zoos & Kid-Museums – Amusement Parks – Stroller-Friendly Walks


Thermal Baths – Yoga – Meditation – Body Conditioning


Outreach – Fundraising – Event Planning – Board Position


Always looking for new ideas! Members are encouraged to pass along ideas & info for future activities & events!