The American Women’s Club Fl and Rhine Valley was honored to welcome US Ambassador Scott Muller to the Gasthaus Traube, Buchs for a meet and greet.



A small, diverse group of US citizens and North American women living in the Rhine Valley: Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Vorarlberg.


We celebrate our American heritage and explore our new culture – together. We help newcomers adapt to life abroad as we build friendships with each other and local residents.

Activities & Events

Saturday 17 February 2024, 14:00 – 16:00 – Bowling in Buchs

Saturday 2 March 2024, 11:30 – 14:30 – AWC Annual Meeting

Sunday, 30 June, 2024 – 4th of July Family Picnic in Grabs



Are you an American or North American fluent in English?
Are you a daughter or granddaughter of a US Citizen?
Did you study in the USA for a length of time?


A visual diary of our Activities and Events.

Club Organization

A member-led organization guided by an elected board.